Long before its evolution and popularity, I was extremely well versed in the uses and benefits of advanced skin care and corrective makeup techniques. Not so much because it was a special interest of mine, but more so because healing and concealing my facial scars were a part of my every day routine. While other girls my age were busy having sleepovers and planning their first rock concert, I was busy reading labels and testing concealers.

I was 12 years old when a doctor finally took on the task of correcting the facial disfigurement I was born with. Five short years later, another scar would make its imprint on my face after a car accident that nearly claimed my life. Looking back now, I suppose it was predestined that I would end up working in the field of Aesthetics- though this wasn’t always the case.

Despite the many challenges I had faced, I considered myself fortunate that the medical professionals placed in my path were the best at what they did. They’re impact ignited my desire and need to make a difference, so when I graduated high school I immediately embarked on a career in the medical field.  As a Registered Medical Assistant, I worked in a variety of specialties and practices to include, General Medicine, Orthopedic Sports Medicine, and Pharmaceutical Research, just to name a few. It was during my time in Sports Medicine that I became intrigued by therapy and rehabilitation. Holistic and alternative forms of healing absolutely fascinated me.

While continuing to work, I decided to broaden my knowledge base and learn more about my newly discovered passion. I enrolled in school to study Massage Therapy and graduated a year later. The waiting period to sit for the National Licensing Exam was several months long, so in the meantime, I took the opportunity and enrolled in the Aesthetics Program. Having a dual license in Massage Therapy and Aesthetics would make me both more competitive and marketable in an already fast-growing industry, and since I was looking to transition from a fast paced medical atmosphere to a more relaxing approach to healing and self-improvement- it made prefect sense.

A week into my first aesthetics class and I knew I was in love. I remember having that ‘aha’ moment, like everything before that point was a mere preparation- a perfect sequence of events to better understand my purpose, my calling in life. Upon completion, I possessed a National License in Massage Therapy as well as a License in Aesthetics. Over the next few years I expanded my training and education to include Paramedical Skin Care and worked in various areas of the industry to include a Four Diamond Resort, Day Spa, Med Spa, Product Line Sales, as well as running my own private practice.

I have been extremely fortunate with the opportunities I have been afforded, but the most profound perhaps was the one I would have never picked for myself, a teacher, a mentor. While I didn’t know it at the time, it was at that point when everything would change for me and come full circle. I would now stand beside my mentors as a colleague, teaching a classroom full of students seeking the same tools and guidance that I once sought.  I went on to teach at Aesthetics Conferences, Industry Seminars and even wrote for an International Publication on Natural Home Remedies.

To date, I have spent more than half of my 11-year career in aesthetics as an Aesthetics Educator. I am incredibly blessed to have hundreds of graduates both nationally and internationally that I now call my peers- conceivably my greatest accomplishment.

At the end of 2009, following the birth of my son, I stepped away from the physical classroom and refocused my energy onto my most recent endeavor- Chasing Twenty. Chasing Twenty is my interpretation of a global classroom. An online source devoted to educate those who, like myself, seek the answers to everyday beauty and wellness questions while bridging the gap and moving one step closer to finding satisfaction in the perception of themselves.

My philosophy is a simple one. Smile in the face of adversity. Embrace your challenges and celebrate your disappointments, for what lies ahead is always so much more brilliant than anything you could ever envision for yourself.


“If you want to learn something, read about it. If you want to understand something, write about it. If you want to master something, teach it.” ~ Yogi Bhajan

A very special thanks to my friends and graduates who have inspired me. After all… who’s not Chasing Twenty!?