Out With The Old Beliefs

I’m currently reading Creative Mind and Success by Ernest Holmes in harmony with the Wealthy Spirit by Chellie Campbell.

Ernest says, “Never see the limitation; never dwell upon it, and above all things else never talk limitation to any one; this is the only way and there is no other way to grow larger thought.”

I realize in order to move graciously forward in life this principle should be firmly planted in our Heart-Mind. I’ve since consciously recognized areas in my life where I have limitations of thought. These low frequency waves of ingrained consciousness are there and will stay there until I deliberately replace them with hi-frequency thoughts that come from love and self-appreciation.

In my heart I’m being guided towards a bigger life with new people and unfamiliar circumstances. With this knowing comes choice. I can choose to glide joyously forward into this new life or I can choose to move forward with my old familiar ingrained struggle.

I love these teachings. As we privately practice them in our hearts we publicly reap the rewards from our private perspective.

In With the Happier Life

I’ve been layering the Holmes material with The Wealthy Spirit because the author is a master of affirmative thought. She’s created a book where you read one page a day and practice the affirmations and exercises she offers that day. After practicing the Science of Mind material I continue to activate and enlarge my existing “New Thought” with The Wealthy Spirit. Together they’re a win-win formula for having an active mind with pure thoughts.

Ernest Holmes said, “Everything is built on a boundless basis, drawn from a limitless source, come forth from an Infinite sea of un-manifested life.” This summer I invite you to swim in this infinite sea of wellness and pure activity while choosing new, unfamiliar thoughts of wellness.


One thought on “Out With The Old Beliefs

  1. Love it!
    The podcasts are all Science of Mind, we used to go in Atlanta, and I can’t tell you what it did for me, and my spirit. Love this teaching 🙂

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