Visual Effects – Type A Personality

People with Type A Personalities are driven people motivated for attaining success and perfection. However, people with this type of personality are more prone to health issues than someone who is not a Type A. Did you know vision can also be affected if you are a Type A?

Yes, vision can be affected in people who are Type A. The culprit responsible for vision reduction or vision loss is increased cortisol levels. Cortisol levels can be increased by endogenous or exogenous means. Some of the ways cortisol levels increase is by prednisone intake, pregnancy and stress. Type As lend themselves to enormous stress levels due to their desire to be perfect, successful, and great.

As a result of increased cortisol, leakage occurs in the eye. More specifically, fluid accumulates in the sub-retinal space due to a leak in between the choroid and retina. As a result, a neurosensory retinal detachment occurs. The detachment is usually in the area of the macula. Because the macula is responsible for detailed central vision, any fluid accumulation or detachment will prevent the person from seeing clearly. In fact, the person may complain of a smudge in their vision, straight lines may appear crooked, or upon exam, their prescription changes.

Fortunately, the condition can spontaneously resolve in 4-6 mos. Many times, clinicians will have the patient monitor with a home amsler grid (it allows them to evaluate if the lines are becoming more crooked, or if the smudge is getting worse). Also, if it resolves in 6 mos, treatment with laser or injections is unnecessary. The mainstay of treatment is to discontinue the offending medication, and advise the person to lend themselves to becoming a little more Type B.

Unfortunately, permanent vision reduction can occur from Central Serous Retinopathy. And, when treated, the condition may come back if the person continues along the same path that created the leakage.

If vision becomes affected, see your eye care professional immediately. Never wait until the condition resolves on its own.

This blog is intended to shed some light on people who possess the Type A Personality. However, it is not substitute for a comprehensive eye exam. Any further questions regarding vision loss and Type A Personality, see your eye care professional.

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