Do You “Trick or Treat?”

You may imagine that my favorite thing about Halloween is the candy. I loved to Trick-or-Treat as a child. I remember visiting the ‘rich neighborhood’ once with my plastic jack-o’-lantern in hand going door to door for goblin goodies. I loved the big houses and of course, the candy was great. My jack-o’-lantern was filled with caramel apples; rice crispy treats and whole candy bars- A far cry from the sweet tarts and year old candy corn from our impoverished ‘hood’. 

 Reminiscing about trick-or-treating made me realize that in a way, we either “Trick” our minds or “Treat” our minds.

Here’s what I mean—at any given moment the thoughts we’re entertaining either “Trick” us into negativity or “Treat” us into positivism. 

In our countries’ current economic situation many of us feel vulnerable. Again, we’re either “tricking” our minds into fearing the worst-case scenario (“what-if” things get worse) or we’re “treating” ourselves to hi-frequency thoughts that activate opulent, happy emotions and inspired action. The latter brings a better quality of life, which in turn magnetizes people, places and situations uplifting us into Soul-utions!

Though it appears many of us have engraved our brains with negative thoughts that trick us into feeling like we’re going to hell in a hand-basket, it’s true that we can turn these old habits around and learn to treat ourselves better. 

Soon this new habit of delicious thoughts and decadent visions becomes our normal mindset, and our reality.

On that note, have a Hi-Frequency Halloween and Treat yourself to caramel apples, self-love, and a soulful life- and until next month, remember to keep your thoughts, feelings, and frequencies high, fast, and pure so that you unlock the universe within.

With Sincere Appreciation


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