A Celebration of Love and Loss…

“Know how to live the time that is given you.” -Dario Fo

Today marks 18 years since our family was blessed with a beautiful spirit we named Christina. Though selfishly I hate to think of the idea that my sister turning 18 really puts my age into perspective, I feel so incredibly honored to have seen this beautiful creature grow and evolve before my eyes.

Often times the years just sort of blend together (especially if you’re close in age), and unless its a major milestone in life (as society dictates), we miss the little miracles that come with every year that passes. I was 15 when my sister was born so I got to witness her grow into this beautiful, young woman, with the perspective of an adult; as if she was my very own.

Christina was born out of a near impossibility into a family that had just suffered a tremendous loss. Just 18 months prior, almost to the day, we lost my brother- and though she may never realize it, she saved our lives- both individually and collectively. An angel sent from heaven to rescue us, teach us, and love us.

Our life’s purpose is a very complex thing for many of us to understand, but I believe that regardless of our time on this planet, our purpose is always fulfilled- its why a senior at 90 and an infant that never quite made it to breath the air on this earth both infinitely touch lives, share lessons, and have a story to tell. We all leave our mark and effect the human condition.

I still struggle to completely understand the timing between the loss of my brother and the love and blessing of my sister, and why we couldn’t coexist on this earth, but one thing I know for sure- My life has been enriched by these incredible beings in ways that words could never describe. Perhaps in an incredible twist of fate my brother’s exit was a vehicle for my sister’s entrance; a perfect occurrence for her to live out her life’s purpose, and by which he lived out his.

The idea that out of a great loss came great love is still a very complex thing for me, but I find such peace in the life and love my sister blessed my family and I with. She is an incredible presence and light; a true miracle walking among us. I know she is here to do great things. Today, I celebrate her birth- Every day I celebrate her life.

“I believe that imagination is stronger than knowledge — myth is more potent than history — dreams are more powerful than facts — hope always triumphs over experience — laughter is the cure for grief — love is stronger than death.” – Robert Fulghum


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