The FUN Factor & Die Hard Love For True Blood

My purpose is to create healing and lasting change in fun, light-hearted and loving ways. That’s why I’ve created Meta-FUN-ics, a laugh into enlightenment approach to spirituality. 

For me, fun is listening to music, hiking, reading, studying our psychic belief systems, watching True Blood and seeing the whole cast with Alan Ball at the Paley Center in Los Angeles.

I love Charlaine Harris’s Sookie Stackhouse novels and writer Alan Ball.  Alan wrote Six Foot Under and True Blood for HBO based on Harris’ book series. The show is entertaining and multi-layered, especially from a writer’s perspective.

On the heels of Charlaine’s newest novel, Dead Reckoning I wanted to share Zachary Petit’s interview with Harris as they comment about the fun she has writing her novels. On a frequency level, the thought-feelings we put into a project always shines through to its audiences. If we wrote from a frequency of struggle, audiences would feel that struggle on a subconscious level. While happy writers like Harris, actually give audiences a heck of a lot to smile about.

Simply stated, if fun is the dominant frequency we choose in our lives, fun will be the dominant outcome. If fun goes in, enjoyment and pleasure must come out. Petit says, “If you have fun writing your book, someone will have fun reading it – undoubtedly part of the reason her novels have sold in the millions.”

Fun is underrated. To be honest, I don’t have as much fun as I should and I’m changing that. Which brings me to wonderful YOU! Are you having enough fun?

Let’s make a pact we’ll both do something we enjoy, something that brings us pleasure consistently. I know we’re working hard and sometimes life feels overwhelming BUT (and that’s a good but) let’s make a list of ten things we’ll do to have fun while supporting each other in playing. The first thing on top of my list is to catch Season 4 of True Blood on HBO June 26, 2011!

With Appreciation and Fun,

Eddie Conner


NEWWant More Charlaine Harris? Zachary Petit is the managing editor of Writer’s Digest. Read his full interview with Harris at

NEWFor More about True Blood on HBO



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