OVAL Mirror On The Wall

Have you ever stood in front of the mirror horrified at your reflection wanting to scream, “Mirror, mirror on the wall, I’m flinging you down the hall?” It’s safe to say many of us have mirror drama.

Three-dimensional mirrors reflect our physicality. The OVAL Mirror reflects our true feelings 24-7. If we’re vibrating negativity, we get negative results. If we’re vibrating hi-frequency thought-feelings, it reflects back happy, physical realities.

The frame is an infinite symbol, with carved words wrapping around the mirror causing our soul to read them until each word vibrates within us. I like to say our soul stood before the OVAL Mirror before incarnating and read these words:

“What I feel is what I get. When I choose to feel good, I receive good things.”

“When I choose to feel bad, I receive bad things. It is always my choice.”

The oval-shape reminds us of the acronym our soul uses to create our physical lives. In short, O-V-A-L means, what:

We Observe, causes us to vibrate. What

We Vibrate:

We Attract. And what we attract:

We Live

We have habits of talking about what we don’t want. We spend more time complaining instead of activating desires. If you’re not living your highest desires, recognize that you must change your thought-feelings.

It takes a spiritually centered person to stand in the OVAL Mirror and consciously observe positive aspects. To applaud our current successes and our future dreams is a gift we can give ourselves. It can take extraordinary effort to stand amidst the conflicts in our physical lives and still observe beauty in our mind’s eye- instead of the dramas being played out around us.

We have free will. We can choose the old low-frequency thoughts or we can choose the new hi-frequency desires. It is our choice. I say, don’t waste a second of your life; think a beautiful thought right now!

“Mirror, mirror in my Soul, thanks for making me healed and whole.”

With Sincere Appreciation,



Photo courtesy of Jeanne Ciasullo Photography


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