Choose a BUT-Free Belief That Promotes Relief…

This Blog is dedicated to helping you to create a life filled with dreams-come-true. The main thing getting in the way of our manifested dreams is our habitual, contradicted thoughts? The average American contradicts their thoughts with opposing beliefs at least once every 1 to 3 minutes. Contradicted thoughts go like this: I want to lose ten pounds. I know that I can do it this time. Who am I trying to fool, I’ll just deprive myself of everything I love to eat and then blow it and gain any weight I lost back. Or; I can make this hole in par; I did it last time I played here. Don’t over-think this, just play. Too late, I’ll never make it. What do you bet that the diet didn’t go well and the golf shot took more strokes than par?

As a Soul Intuitive, I realize our emotional beliefs create our lives. Humans have two volumes of vibration molding our reality. They are hi-frequency and low frequency. When our thoughts are high and positively energized we attract good things and when our thoughts are low and lethargic we draw in negative things.

I recognize a common thread running through my friends who are living their wildest dreams. These friends have various careers and lives; some are dancers, singers, actors, musicians, movie or TV stars or world famous moguls. They are all busy people who deliberately indulge in hi-frequency art, created by other “feel good” creators. Some set aside an hour a day to harmonize with great literature, art or music in order to sustain their hi-frequency status. They consciously choose to observe and take part in things that make them happy. They realize when they feel good, they are attracting goodness and when they observe great things, they will achieve greatness.

I enjoy choosing beliefs promoting relief. Each new thought of lightness activates another chain of hi-frequency goodness in my heart, leaving me with a sense that all is well. This is a pleasant way for me to change my beliefs so that I can believe in positive change. Inspired by beauty, I find that I contradict my thoughts less often, which insures more success.

Today I joyously practice the art of using my heart, thinking great ideas and seeing the world through the lens of beauty. I practice sincere appreciation for others and myself, because appreciation wired with love is one of the highest frequencies in the universe for us mere mortals to play with.

Give yourself permission to promote BUT-Free Beliefs that create a lifetime of wonderful relief, achieved goals, and dreams-come-true.




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