Symptoms Of Stressed Skin!

We all experience stress. For many of us, it’s just that “fight or flight” response that keeps us going and motivated in life. Modern-day stress however, has some of the most alarming effects on illness and disease according to recent studies.

Unfortunately, our skin doesn’t get the free pass on stress’ effects as it, more often than not, gives a glimpse into the imbalances going on inside.

Symptoms of Stressed Skin:

– Congestion: Blood flow is essential in keeping the body, as well as the skin, healthy. Stress creates tension in the muscles of the face, inhibiting proper blood flow, nutrients, and oxygen, necessary for the health of our tissues. The result- waste backs up and the skin becomes congested.

– Dullness: Part of the aging process effects cell turnover- the ability for our skin to shed dead skin cells and reveal new/ fresh skin, naturally. Stress contributes to slowing this process down even more, resulting in sallow, dull looking skin.

– Breakouts: Stress stimulates sebaceous (oil) gland activity and causes imbalances in our hormone levels. This combination is brutal! Hormones naturally have a huge effect on our complexion- add that to a double dose of oil being pumped out of our follicles, and the end result is clogged pores and acne flare-up.

Sensitivities, Irritation and Allergies: The rise in this category is truly alarming. So much so that ‘sensitive skin’, once considered a condition, is now also considered a skin type! Increased cortisol (hormone) secretions as a result from stress, suppress the immune system and its response to free radicals. In turn, your skin us unable to ward off pollutants and other harmful substances, resulting in increased allergic response, redness, irritation, etc.

2 thoughts on “Symptoms Of Stressed Skin!

  1. SKIN is the largest organ of the body…and obviously the most exposed to all elements! We have to take great care of it, so it will take care of us!
    Just sayin’!

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