6 Truths About Pore Size

Our pores play a vital role in the health and appearance of our skin. They are the portal through which sebum (oil) flows- keeping our skin lubricated, moisturized, youthful and supple. Of course when we are young we tend to think that oil is the enemy- responsible for our acne breakouts. All we want to do is strip it away and dry out our skin as much as possible.

Though it can definitely create more work ,and be challenging at time in keeping our pores from clogging and wreaking havoc on our complexion can definitely – oil is a vital ally in maintaining balance and youth.

6 Truths About Pore Size:

1. Pores that are compacted (clogged) cause stretching and, essentially, scarring of the pore.

2. Contrary to popular belief- permanently shrinking your pores is not possible.

3. Pores “appear” larger as our skin ages. In actuality, they become elongated due to loss of elasticity and sagging- making them look larger.

4. While its not possible to shrink your pores, there are several products and treatments that will help reduce their overall appearance.

5. Exfoliation and professional extraction techniques are essential in keeping pores tight and clean from oil and debris- as well as maintaining a healthy skin complexion.

6. You can use some of the best skin care available, but if you choose makeup (often times to cover blemishes and imperfections) that contains comedogenic (blackhead causing) ingredients, you are not only reversing the process, but making your skin care regimen obsolete.


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