Positive Sheen-Amations: What We Can Learn From Charlie Sheen

Based on the latest headline news and interviews… this is a shocking title if you’ve ever heard one, right!?

Well perhaps it is, but I believe that even in the most extreme and ‘unconventional’ situations there is always something positive that we can learn. Not only from the situation(s) at hand but also from an individual’s actions, and even their perception.

My husband and I have been huge fans of Sheen’s hit series, Two and a half Men for years now, so when the ‘breaking news’ coverage started hitting the air waves early last week, every night had at least a mention, or two, about him. As I read my FB posts and twitter feeds, I quickly realized- we were not alone. Up until that point, we had not watched any of the complete interviews; just clips that were either posted by our friends or covered by entertainment news.

Midway through the week, my husband asked what my thoughts were on the whole ‘debacle’. I knew he was asking because up until this point I, who would have normally put in my 2 cents already, had not chimed in- one way or another. I giggled and said, ” this may sound odd (coming from me), but I am not sure that he is as ‘crazy’ as everyone is making him out to be. Granted, drugs and alcohol can obviously take its tole on the mind, but I think he’s eccentric, and definitely ‘different’- but I also think there is something bigger happening behind the scenes”.

Friday night, after we put our 17 month old to bed, we sat in front of the tube to finally watch what the big fuss was about (Dateline was doing a special on the interviews from the week). I found it quite comical. Comical that we presume to know what this man is like, or who he is, simply by judging the idiosyncrasies we plainly, don’t understand.

Perhaps I’m loony for understanding where his energy is. Maybe its because, as an energy worker, I’m more sensitive to picking up things like that. Regardless of why or how, one thing I know for sure- Charlie Sheen is working positive affirmations like a CHAMP; whether he knows it, means to do it, or wants to do it- he is. Despite whether or not we commend, agree, disagree, understand, or care, he is living by HIS truth, and that in and of itself is commendable. Why!? Because few of us live by OUR truth or even know what that truth is.

The Fine Line Between Genius and Insanity- Perhaps?!

I thought I would reveal some interesting details on what (I think) is NO MISTAKE or COINCIDENCE- Straight from the “tiger’s” mouth.

#Warlock: Warlocks are the male equivalent of a witch. I find it fascinating that he considers himself a ‘warlock’, mainly because as soon as the interviews aired where he mentioned this- he had us under his spell. Loving him or hating him- you were watching him.

#Tiger’s-Blood: Tigers are well known for their dominating presence- representing royalty, wrath, and fearlessness. In a nut shell, he feels indicative of these traits, as their same ‘blood’ runs through his veins.

#Winning: This is just a powerful word to me. Whatever he feels he is ‘winning’, he is. In one interview he says, “they allow defeat to be an option” (people in general), and I for one agree that there is HUGE truth in that statement. We have all been guilty of it at some point; defeated in the face of adversity. Plain and simple… He has won the attention of millions in a matter of hours, on Twitter alone- even beat a world record doing it! This may seem like small potatoes to some, but it is no easy task- even for a celebrity. Who’s crazier!? Ha!

#Goddesses: Goddesses are female immortals associated with motherhood, love, and the household. I am dying to know if he calls them that because its how he views them or how he wants them to “be”. Either way… its working out for them.

#Adonis DNA: This one is quite clever. Adonis means ‘lord’; ever-youthful- a life-death-rebirth- supernatural being. Not to mention, one of the most complex cult figuresMeaning: a popular person worshipped by some and having strong enduring appeal, whose reputation is disproportionate with their success.

#Truth Torpedoes: Truth torpedoes are great. It doesn’t matter whether or not we agree to “his” truth or reality- He does! His truth says that he is a “warlock with Adonis DNA and tiger’s blood- who is winning, surrounded by goddesses and delivering truth torpedoes”. Its not “our” truth, it’s his- and that is o.k.

POWER IN THE USE OF WORDS- That is the lesson at hand.

Positive affirmations are not just about positive thinking and a positive attitude. They are about believing in order to achieve what we want, and manifesting it. Most of us say these things in private, in front of the mirror, or quietly to ourselves- mainly because out loud they sound ridiculous (or so we feel). Sheen’s approach just happens to be loud, outspoken in front of millions – a sure fire way to be easily judged and misunderstood wouldn’t you say!? Its easy to think someone or something is ‘ludicrous’ and even ‘crazy’ merely because its unfamiliar, radical, or simply because- we ‘don’t get it’.

Sheen calls himself “a bitching total rock-star from mars” and claims to be “special”… and that is exactly what he is portraying. He sees it, believes it, and we the public (per our support and actions), are fascinated by it.

So as Charlie Sheen’s ‘thoughts have become things’ and he now has our attention- what next!?

2 thoughts on “Positive Sheen-Amations: What We Can Learn From Charlie Sheen

  1. Girl!

    I have to say, “I love your spin on this”

    Great job and it’s a new, higher perspective and a perspective that a lot of the country or world isn’t looking at! Brilliant work – !

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