Hold The Space & Create The Place…

In 1980 I saw the movie “Somewhere In Time” starring the late Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour. I instantly fell in love with its picturesque scenery and soundtrack. While sitting in the movie theater I knew one day I would visit the Grand Hotel and reconnect with the splendor of this film’s sincere message about eternal love.

From the moment I experienced the film I instinctively knew to “Hold the Space’ and some day I’d ‘Create the Place.”

Years past, life swept me forward and my life’s work flowed, which is how I met Mike and Ramona in 2000 on my first Peru trip. The three of us instantly hit it off and we’ve been fast friends ever since. Mike and Ramona’s love for one another is amazing. In fact while in Peru everyone in our group exclaimed they wanted a twin-flame soul mate relationship like theirs.

Imagine how honored I was when Mike and Ramona asked me to facilitate a Re-commitment Ceremony celebrating their 25 Year Anniversary in July 2008…on Mackinaw Island… in the “Somewhere In Time” gazebo… at the Grand Hotel… where the movie was filmed!

Though I never forgot the movie and my desire to visit the location where it was filmed, I have always held the space, and last month, attracted the place via my great friends and their unconditional love for each other.

Another absolute element of this re-commitment ceremony was that Mike and Ramona shared their special day with some of our best friends from that first Peru tour and beyond. Ellen, Jane, Patrick, Yvonne, James and myself attended a three-day Grand Hotel experience of love with Mike and Ramona and their family.

Is there a place that calls to you, that speaks to your deepest soul aspect? If so, “Hold the Space” inside yourself purely, and sure enough you can eventually “Attract the Place.” Remember that whatever your heart desires, rest assure its manifestation is out there waiting for you….“Somewhere In Time.”

Eddie Conner


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