More Than A Black Light At The Disco…

One of the many neat tools we are equipped with in the field of Aesthetics is a filtered black light. There are several pieces of equipment that contain this beam of light, but they are all used for the same purpose- to provide a more in depth skin analysis.

A Wood’s Lamp is a handheld loop (magnifying lamp) that uses a filtered black light to illuminate different skin conditions, bacteria, fungi, pigmentation problems, sebum, and more- that may otherwise be invisible to the naked eye. By identifying these conditions (by their various shades of color), your aesthetician can do a more in depth analysis to better address and treat your skin.

The Skin Scope reminds me of the old vintage cameras from the turn of the century- complete with cloth cover and all. Almost identical to the Wood’s Lamp in that it will illuminate the skin and produce various shades of color to help identify different skin conditions, but different because it offers the client a glimpse at what you see! As the aesthetician analyzes the skin through the magnifier directly in front of the client, the client can look down where a mirror has been placed so that they too can see their hidden skin conditions. This is a great tool because it allows for interaction between client and aesthetician, and puts everyone on the same page.

Visia Complexion Analysis is a hi-tech piece of equipment that offers a very advanced way of analyzing the skin.¬†Typically found more in the Dermatologist, Plastic Surgeon, and/or Med Spa environment. This machine provides skin evaluations, on-screen and printed reports (for you to take home), tracks your treatment progress, provides quantitative values on the depth of your pores and wrinkles with 3D viewing, gives you a percentage on the condition of your skin- in comparison to the average in your age group, and SO MUCH MORE!! It even offers an aging simulation based on the ‘condition’ of your skin pre and post treatment.

As you can tell from the above picture, the true condition of the skin is revealed below the surface of what is actually visible to us in the mirror every day. To truly understand, correct, and get the most out of our products and treatments we must have a clear picture of what we are dealing with- and of course have a sensible expectation. 20 years of sun exposure and damage cannot be taken away in one facial, chemical peel, or laser treatment. It takes a series of (any) treatments to work on the damage that’s been done- it’s therapy like any other.

If you have never had your skin analyzed by any one of these methods, I urge you to seek an establishment and/or knowledgeable aesthetician to take a ‘closer’ look. Yes, its frightening to think of what is lying beneath, but it is difficult to to achieve a goal when you don’t truly know what you can, and should, expect.


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