Want to Look and Feel 20 Again? Check Out My List of Fashion Essentials

Hello chasing 20 readers! I am so happy to have been asked to guest blog.  My name is Isabella and I am a fashion and designer bag blogger.  Seeing that this site is dedicated to the pursuit of all things that will keep us young, fresh, and beautiful, I thought I would impart my expertise in the fashion department.  Along with beauty and health regimens, fashion is an excellent tool in keeping our appearance youthful.  So here it goes Ladies, Isabella`s fashion essentials for maintaining fashion youth!

Never underestimate the power of good undergarments.  I meet women all the time that will spend hundreds of dollars on bags and shoes and pennies on their underwear.

Gravity must be defeated by amazing undergarments!  A great bra can do wonders for your overall silhouette giving you the appearance of youth by pushing up and smoothing what nature is destroying. So invest!

Another essential fashion item is a great pair jeans.  Denim designers have come a long way from the days of high-waisted mom jeans.  We are now able to buy jeans to lift and shape our bum, control muffin tops, and add 3 inches to our height (ok, so maybe not the last one- but you get the point).  At every possible price point you can find a great pair of jeans for your body shape.  Jeans never go out of style and will always be youthful, so buy a pair that makes you feel and look like you are twenty.

Many a soul swears by the little black dress motto…I do as well, but not when I want to look my youthful best.  For those moments, I swear by a little colored dress.  Color is youthful, vibrant and fun.  We all have those moments when we buy an odd colored shirt in a hue other than black or white and people tell you how amazing you look and how the color brings out your eyes. Well, there you go.  Get yourself a little amazing, colored number for nights out.  Don`t go overboard with a dress that has too many details, (this can date you and your dress) but something chic and classic in an off beat color that accentuates your eye color, hair color or amazing skin.

I could go on and on for days about this kind of stuff, and I do on my blog, http://www.geekpurses.com.  I adore all that this site is about and hope you enjoyed this piece.

Xo- Isabella


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