The Full Moon…

Unlike the New Moon, when the sun and the moon (conscious and subconscious minds) are perfectly aligned and on the same page, the Full Moon denotes a time when they are on the complete opposite page, and sometimes, a different book all together!

It is for this reason, and no big surprise, that we find ourselves thinking “is there a full moon out tonight!?”, when we encounter strange times and in many cases, strange people- or people acting, well… strange, for lack of a better word. As our conscious and subconscious minds battle it out on opposing teams, things, and people alike, are bound to seem ‘off ‘.

While the New Moon has to do with creation, birth and manifesting our heart’s desires, the Full Moon is a time of purging and completion- the end of a cycle.


Full Moons are filled with light and power. A glowing presence in the sky that illuminates our path and advancement.

The Full Moon offers us a time to set things free that no longer fill a purpose or a need, and of course things we no longer want. Things like addictions, situations, circumstances, physical and emotional ailments, and relationships for example.

Full Moon Exercise:

As the next Full Moon phase approaches (Friday, February 18th at 2:36 am, CST), write down those ‘things’ that you want to purge and release- both physically and emotionally. Under the light of the Full Moon, (even if you can’t see it through the cloud cover) take your list or strips of paper where you have written down those things you wish to ‘release’, and place them in a fire proof cauldron or cooking pot. Carefully light the paper on fire. Once the paper has burned down, use water to put out the fire.

An outside bonfire would be ideal for this type of exercise but the instructions above work just as good. Make sure to set your intention and focus on releasing what you have written down, before and during the exercise.

Now that you have uncluttered your physical and emotional space, you can focus on new (and old) desires and needs that you will write down, in preparation for the next New Moon. Every month, we get a chance to work on manifesting those ‘things’ that bring us joy and happiness. What a beautiful gift from the universe; make it count! 🙂


2 thoughts on “The Full Moon…

  1. You just wrote a spell! I liked the blog…the full moon is also a time of bleeding as I came to find out today. No surgery or procedures like that on the full moon…

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