Beautiful, Healthy Skin by Valentine’s Day! Day 4

Whether attached or single, we all deserve beautiful, glowing skin on the biggest Date Night of the year!

With just 4 days left until St. Valentine makes his romantic debut, I thought I would share 4 days of tips to get your complexion prepped and ready for the Big Day!

T-minus 4 days:

Today, take a gander at your skin. If you are currently experiencing any breakouts, use ice to reduce inflammation (wrapped in a napkin-never on bare skin) and extract if necessary. Click Here for instructions on how to safely extract at home.

Tonight: Cleanse your face. Use an Exfoliant (scrub) appropriate for your skin type to get rid of excess dirt, debris, oil, and dead skin cells. Apply a Clay Mask. Leave on for 10-15 minutes, rinse off with tepid water. Apply Moisturizer.


All of the above instructions apply to you as well. In addition, if you shave everyday and start to experience ingrown hairs, gently pull them up from under the skin with a needlepoint tweezer- then tweeze out the hair from the point closest to the skin. If you normally shave everyday continue to do so; if you normally don’t- shave every other day.

You may also spot treat with clay mask on the areas where you have tweezed the ingrown hairs- or ice the area to reduce inflammation.

Tomorrow, Day 3 Tips. Stay tuned!


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