New Moon…

There is just something so fascinating about the moon!

Whether you understand astrology or are even remotely interested in it, there is no denying that when the Full Moon appears in the sky month after month, we can’t help but stop dead in our tracks to gaze at it- even if for a moment. It’s truly magical.

Without getting super complicated here, moon phases occur in this order- New Moon, Growing Moon, Full Moon. There is a very complex science to this whole process but for all intents and purposes- this is about as complicated as you need to get in order to use these phases to their fullest potential.


I LOVE a New Moon!!!

While there isn’t much to look at during a New Moon phase, mainly because it rises and sets along with the sun on the side of the sun that is not visible from Earth…. the possibilities of this time are endless! I think of it like this… The Full Moon gives us a picture to look at- a completed cycle of work, if you will. The New Moon occurs with no projected image – a blank canvas as I see it. Ready to be painted!

The New Moon stimulates new beginnings. It provides us with a great opportunity to write down our goals and dreams, as it promotes growth in all areas of our lives. Universal forces can’t help but to automatically want to create opportunities for our desires to manifest themselves. By writing our thoughts, goals, and aspirations down, we create an energy that believes them to be true, therefore the universe can’t help but make it happen.

So from now until the 18th of Feb (the Full Moon), focus on your heart’s desires- knowing that with proper focus, intent, and application, opportunities and success will be granted. 🙂


3 thoughts on “New Moon…

  1. I find the new moon to be a time of emotional purging for me. seems opposite of astrology, they says that’s for full moon. another reason i find it to be a bunch of BS

  2. I love the New Moon as well. My wife and I have had a great interaction because of the opportunities that have come to us. It’s how you react and decide on what direction you go in. Sometimes starting from scratch (or a blank canvas) allows you to get back inside your mind’s heart and create something truly magical, like the new moon!

    Great post ELLE!

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