Titillating Tips for the Light-Hearted Soul…

While conducting intuitive readings I get to help others uncover deep-rooted beliefs that habitually cause them to manifest poverty and lack in their lives. Nobody attracts poverty on purpose; instead we accidentally sabotage ourselves. Often people feed their subconscious mind, pessimistic images, and harmful impressions.

Continuing to focus on low frequency objects and emotions, traps us in doom and gloom. The sooner we consciously choose hi-frequency thoughts or words that feel powerful, the sooner we turn our poverty into abundance. In my first DVD, Living the Hi-Frequency Life, I share TEN Essential Keys to Living a Rich, Happy Life. One key to reprogram the subconscious mind from negative thoughts to positive thoughts is with “Power Word Lullabies®.”

3 Easy Steps for Power Word Lullabies:

Step 1:

Pick one subject. Most clients want to improve their love, money, or career. For illustration sake, let’s say we want to improve money.

Step 2:

Pick 1 to 3 Hi-Frequency words that feel prosperous in your Gut-Brain. I personally use the words, “Abundance, Prosperity and Wealth,” when doing my Power Word Lullabies. 

Step 3:

While falling asleep lull your conscious mind to sleep with your new Power Words. Repeat each word in a relaxing, soothing voice taking your mind deeper into the essence of “Abundance, Prosperity, and Wealth”.

The more we speak to our minds in loving tones the faster it relaxes. Once our conscious mind relaxes, our new program of “Abundance, Prosperity and Wealth” takes hold. Practice Power Word Lullabies each night while falling asleep and each morning upon waking. For a great illustration of this technique, and more, purchase a Living the Hi-Frequency Life DVD!


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