Change Your Frequency!!

A passion for sharing mystical principles with others in a humorous, empowering format. An intention to give people New, Hi-Frequency Keys that empower them out of their poverty mindset and into prosperity consciousness. A first hand believer that when we follow our heart and allow our soul to speak though us, miracles can happen.

Mr. Eddie Conner is an author, humorist, soul intuitive, keynote speaker and creator of “Meta-Fun-Ics” (making Metaphysics and Self Empowerment Fun).

I have been very fortunate in my life, as a Reiki Practitioner and Energy Worker, to have come into contact with some very special and gifted individuals… few hold a candle to this man. Eddie Conner is light, fresh, vibrant, and fun! He exudes power and positivity.

I recently had the opportunity to watch Eddie Conner’s DVD titled: Living the Hi-Frequency Life with Eddie Conner®. This is just one of Eddie’s tools for “healing America’s real crack problem”- which he calls, The Big BUT Syndrome. With his BUT-Free Living principles, he elevates our “frequency” so that we can achieve our desires for a better quality of life.

Since my first exposure into these amazing and powerful ‘keys’ to turn a low-frequency life into a hi-frequency life, I have re-watched and used them every single day. I am making it a point to not only exercise them, but share and teach them to others. It is through these actions that we can truly create a ‘habit’, and master something.

Eddie is also the host of Hi-Frequency Living on LA Talk Radio. For the month of January, 2011, Chasing Twenty is the proud sponsor of Hi-Frequency Living every Monday Night at 8pm PST on Channel 1. “Laugh into Enlightenment, Heal your Big BUT and to Unlock the Universe Within.”

There’s even an app for that! Search LA Talk Radio in your App Store… Its free. 😉


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