New Year, New Approach, New You…

My absolute favorite time of the year! Well… besides my birthday, of course. 🙂

It’s New Year’s Resolution Time! Most of us will reflect back and take in those things that affected us, for better or for worse- then figure out how to improve on them, repeat them, or in some cases, forget about them.

We all know some of the ‘usual’ New Year’s Resolutions- better money management, loosing X amount of weight, or quitting a bad habit, just to name a few. Some give up on making any resolutions at all! Perhaps its just a way of avoiding disappointment if we happen to not reach them, or in many cases, even start them. All goals are great goals, but how many actually achieve their goals? According to recent studies, only about half of us believe we can achieve our goals, and less than 12% will actually reach those goals. Why do you think that is!? I recently had a conversation with a friend, Eddie Conner, who shed some light on this for me. After explaining my approach to this year’s resolutions, he said “people often don’t achieve their resolutions (goals) because most have no emotional attachment to them”.

I never really thought about it like that, but he could not be more right!

So after months of pondering and reflecting on the year almost past… I decided to take a different approach to the old and mundane New Year’s Resolutions. For I believe that if the following is practiced, anything can be achieved.

Some Things to Ponder For 2011!! 🙂 In no particular order…

Create A Better Life for Yourself… With Others in Mind. Simply put, we all work in harmony with each other… not one of us can stand alone. In some way, shape, or form we all need one another to live and progress. For example, if my goal is to sell a product, emitting that I want to be successful at it and wishing for a profit, isn’t enough. My focus should be on others’ prosperity as well because even if the consumer  wants to buy my product, if they don’t have the means… they can’t.

Give Light. Definition: send others good healing ‘vibes’ (light). Know that the loving energy you transmit may ease someones pain, comfort their soul, and reinforce their strength. When we give light, we get light. The opposite is true too.

Take Chances. Nothing ventured nothing gained. So often we stay in a place or situation because the idea of ‘change’ and uncertainty is scary or unnerving. Take that leap of faith! You just never know what may be waiting around the bend.

Follow Your Instinct. We all have a 6th sense… whether or not we choose to listen to it is a different story. Pay attention! Listen to your inner thoughts. Remember that everything is as it should be… there are no wrong choices.

Enjoy The Silence. Whether you choose a walk in the park, quiet time in your home, or daily meditation… make time for silence. A time when you can be alone with you and your thoughts… or nothing at all!

Listen To Your Body. Our bodies give us signs of health and illness. Listen to it. Without our health we cannot succeed in anything else.

Practice Positive Affirmations. The great thing about affirmations is that they work for us whether be believe in them or not. Here are a few to get you started: “I deserve all good in my life, and I accept it now.” “I find Love and Friendship wherever I go.” “I am willing to let go. I release others to experience what is meaningful to them, and I am free to create that which is meaningful to me.” “I move into the winning circle.” The possibilities are endless!

Give Appreciation. Appreciate the people and circumstances in your life. Not just on special occasions, but always. The good, the bad, and yes, even the ugly. Our circumstances and the people in them are what mold us. They build character and show us that with the proper intent, all things are possible. There is a lesson in everything!

Here are some others to contemplate… Believe in miracles, practice random acts of kindness, and beyond everything else, LOVE yourself and be kind to yourself. Without a peaceful YOU, peace outside of you can be difficult to achieve. We attract what we are and receive what we exude.

Great Reads for The New Year:

Cheers to YOU, Your Health, Prosperity, and Happiness. May you Manifest and Live a Life in Harmony with your Truth.

~ Love and Light~



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