20 Spotlight: Earth And Sugar

Inspired by a childhood memory, driven by a philosophy for living a healthy life with a green standard, and thoughtfully creating desserts with a purpose in mind… Janderyn E. Makris opened Earth and Sugar in 2009.


Sweet Organic Treats & Delicious Gourmet CUPCAKES!!!

Earth and Sugar doesn’t compromise on a thing. They focus on using local, organic ingredients and are committed to reducing their carbon footprint- down to the gift wrap. And if your tasty treat is available for shipping, you better believe those packing peanuts are biodegradable! 😉

Their “desserts with a purpose” are Organic, Gluten Free, Vegan, and made from scratch. Free from any genetically modified ingredients and synthetic preservatives too.


That their “message of social responsibility and simplicity will create delicious memories for you and your loved ones“.

An Incredible Woman, with an Impeccable Mission, Handcrafting Delectable Treats.

Visit Earth and Sugar for more information, the complete story, and how to order!!!!


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