20 Spotlight: The Water Bottle Soap Co.

It’s Kosher… it’s Vegan… it’s GREEN!

Soaps designed from water bottles?? Yup! You got it!

The Water Bottle Soap Company uses six different hypo-allergenic soap bases that meet vegan guidelines, are available in a variety of amazing scents, and created with a mission to save the planet- one water bottle at a time.

By using water bottles, they save them from becoming excess waste in our landfills. The water bottles collected, whether they are used as soap molds or not, are sent off to proper recycling facilities. They pride themselves in making sure that in the process of making their soaps, packaging, and shipping, they reduce waste, recycle where possible, and reuse whenever necessary.

White Tea & Ginger, Citrus Burst, Coconut Lime Verbena, California Orange, Butter Cream, and Lemon Grass are just a peek of the amazing scents they have to choose from!

Visit The Water Bottle Soap Co. for more information and a complete list of products.


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