Mercury Retrograde…

Mercury what!?!

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that most of you reading this right now have never heard of such a thing. It may be a stretch, but I bet if you look back in history and particularly your own life, you can match-up peculiar and quirky events to times when Mercury was retrograde.

This transit typically occurs 3 times a year for a period of about 3 weeks- although in 2010 we will have seen it retrograde 4 times. 2010 started with Mercury Retrograde, and it will closely end with Mercury Retrograde- hence, this post! 😉 This period will start on the 10th of December and end on the 30th of December. Since the planet starts to slow down considerably a few days prior to and takes a little bit to regain speed after… the same precautions should be taken before and after.

What’s happening physically: Mercury, the swiftest and the closest planet to the sun, appears to be moving backwards in the solar system. What’s actually happening is its slowing down and, in some cases, standing still. Since the rest of the planets are in forward motion it gives the appearance of ‘backward’ motion.

All planets go through retrograde periods at some point (though none as much as Mercury), so what’s the big deal about Mercury?

The planet Mercury is often referred to as the planet of communication. It governs thinking, perception, transportation, travel, education, and commerce.

Mercury Retrograde gives way to personal misunderstandings, missed calls, delayed travel, lost mail, car trouble, memory lapses, computer malfunctions, glitches, and breakdowns. Anything ‘new’ started during this time will be flawed, period.

Things to Avoid During this Period:

Signing of contracts, expensive purchases, business dealings, job interviews, new projects of any kind- as delays and challenges are probable.

Positive Aspects of Mercury Retrograde:

Re-organizing and reflecting are the keys to utilizing this period to its fullest potential. Projects and plans started prior are a GO. Second interviews, for example, are also a GO. Its a great time for completion, thinking outside the box, keeping a journal, meditation, and re-visiting the past or past contacts you haven’t spoken to in a while.

Not all of us feel the effects of Mercury Retrograde in the same way; those born during a Mercury Retrograde may not feel the effects as strong.

No need to panic; but rather be aware of this period so that you may avoid making important decisions and moves in your life that should otherwise wait for more “favorable” conditions.

With the Holidays in full effect- travelers please arrive EARLIER than usual for your flight, double check your travel arrangements, re-check your packing list, order items that you need delivered NOW, otherwise you could experience delays in delivery or lost packages… what a nightmare during the busiest season of the year!

It might be a long shot to think that planetary movements (or lack there of) could have such an impact on our lives- but what if!?!


4 thoughts on “Mercury Retrograde…

  1. Very good article…Now I need to research on whether or not I was born during a retrograde. Sometimes I feel the effects and sometimes I don’t. You gave me something to think about! Good Job!

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