Get Your Groove On!

In the U.S., more babies are born in the months of July, August, and September, than any other month. That would put hanky-panky in the months between October and December at a high- suggesting that we are more sexually active as the temperature chills, and I’m sure holiday cheer helps out a little too. 😉

So as the winter months quickly creep up on us, and ‘hibernation’ becomes more prevalent, even those of us who aren’t trying to populate the planet can enjoy some great benefits to sex! For those who are trying to procreate, you get all of these amazing benefits, plus baby too!

The health benefits of intercourse aren’t just limited to the chilly months either!

9 Reasons to Get Your Groove On!

Strong Ticker: Having sex two or more times a week is actually good for our cardiovascular system! Arousal alone, gets the blood pumping. In doing so, it surges a fresh supply of blood into our body – oxygenating our organs, increasing brain activity, and flushing the body of toxins.

Skip The Tylenol:  The release of the hormone, Oxytocin, increases endorphins in the body and decreases pain. So if your headache, PMS (in ladies), or arthritis are getting in the way of your “mood for sex”, it may just be the answer to relieving it.

Z’s: Thank you Oxytocin! The release of this hormone during intercourse helps relieve insomnia and promote relaxation.


Sick Less: At the moment of climax DHEA is released which is a powerful chemical that balances our immune system. An antibody called Immunoglobulin A is also released which boosts immunity.

Stress Less: Intercourse helps lower blood pressure and stimulate the release of Oxytocin- the hormone of love, which helps lower stress and depression.

Drop L-B’s: 30 minutes a day can burn between 150 and 200 calories. Need I say more!?!

Lower Cancer Risk: In women, the odds for developing breast cancer triples in those who are infrequently sexually active, according to a French study. According to a Minnesota study, men who have intercourse more frequently have a reduced risk of developing prostate cancer.

Promotes Longevity: Studies show that sex adds years to our life. Having sex 2 times a week, as opposed to once, can keep you around an extra 3 years, on average! Particularly in men.

Skin Health: Sex promotes the production of collagen which keeps the skin plump, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. In addition, DHEA is released which assists in tissue repair.

Step it up a notch! Make it a New Year’s resolution to enhance your mind, your health, your life, and your relationship. 😉


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