Meditation For The Beginner…

In my past blog, Focus with Intent, I described my introduction into the world of meditation, along with some of the great benefits one can achieve by simply practicing the art of ‘silencing the mind’.

As promised, I would like to give you my personal step by step guide into meditation. It is a very basic walk-through. If you find it difficult at first or don’t get the results you were expecting, don’t give up! The idea of ‘focus’ may seem simple enough but executing it can often be quite difficult.

What you can expect:

A calm sense of being, more focus, insightful understanding, better sleep, and a more peaceful you.

For this guided meditation all you will need is a chair- and yourself. I choose to use a chair for beginners since the floor can sometimes be uncomfortable or unaccessible. If you feel more comfortable sitting in a yoga-type pose or ‘crossed-leg’, please feel free to do so. I suggest using a mat underneath you for more comfort. The idea is that you are as comfortable as possible, without being comfortable enough to fall asleep! 😉


  • Find a comfortable chair preferably with a back. Sit with your back straight, feet flat on the floor, hands resting on your thighs- facing up. Close your eyes.
  • Ground yourself. Visualize yourself cemented into the earth, or attached to it in some way that gives you a feeling of ‘connection’, physically. Some people describe it as imagining roots growing from under their feet and This can be a quite interesting exercise when put into practice since the imagination can be a vivid one!
  • Clear your mind. Think of nothing. I used to imagine myself staring into space, looking out into the universe while standing at the edge of a mountain; nothing else around me. Sometimes pretending like you are looking at a blank canvas can be helpful.
  • Breathe. Breathe in through your nose (filling your lungs and pulling your naval in), out through your mouth. Deep and long breathing helps calm the mind and balance your emotions. It also helps to attune the physical, mental, and spiritual planes.
  • Create a bubble. A space to “fill”. I like to create a balloon in my mind. Whatever you decide for this space to be or look like, fill it. First, I want you to envision images that create doubt, confusion, and unhappiness in your life. Fill up your bubble with those images, and when its full… POP IT! Blow it up! Now I want you to create a new ‘bubble’, and this time I want you to fill it with images of  joy, abundance, prosperity, happiness, wisdom, love, and light. Include hopes and ideas of things you want to manifest. Don’t be surprised if images of things that you are not thinking about or creating, float in.. those images are important to remember as they may include a message or intuitive thought. 😉 Remember, the size of your ‘bubble’ is limitless. When you have filled it up, absorb it. Breathe it in so that it becomes a part of your being.
  • Continue breathing. Open your eyes when you are ready.

You can spend as little or as much time practicing your meditation. Begin with short sessions, and gradually increase from there. If you find that this approach includes too many steps in the beginning for you, simply sitting along with the breathing portion can be highly beneficial and create great peace and clarity of the mind.

“If there is anything Divine in you, it’s your breath.” -Yogi Bhajan



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