Timeless Skin Care…

Have you ever wondered what we did to preserve our skin and its youthfulness before the days of Botox!?!

The anti-aging craze can definitely be attributed to the Baby Boomer generation. This select group of Americans makes up almost 30% of our population! As this generation of the 1950’s are starting to see the signs of aging, the push for anti-aging products is more apparent now, than ever before. Controlling more than 50% of consumer spending, sales are upwards of $12 Billion in skin care products, alone! A pretty recession proof industry, since it makes us feel good about ourselves, especially during bad times, or at least better.

Living in, what I like to call, “The Botox Era” has left some of us feeling jaded on alternatives and paths that were once very basic and considered the “go to” regimens for preserving and obtaining youthful skin. Not to say that generations before or after our baby boomers haven’t sought treatments to preserve or maintain beauty, its the number of individuals in this category that have now coined it more of a necessity, as opposed to a luxury.

The demand for anti-aging treatments and procedures (without having to go under the knife) has been a huge motivator in the fields of research and development of more potent substances… and a cost to go along with it.

So for those of us who are either unable, unwilling, or financially incapable of investing hundreds upon thousands of dollars at a time on our skin, the basics are NOT overrated and still very powerful tools… when actually implemented on a regular basis.

As a basic rule of thumb, the more hydrated and lubricated the skin- the more plump, supple, and line free it will be. As we age, our skin naturally becomes drier (oil loss), which in turn, leads to the onset of fine lines and wrinkles. Replenishing this loss is key in prolonging the effects of aging skin. When choosing products for your skin, always stick to natural/chemical free products with short ingredient lists. If your products contain alcohol, fragrance, and/or harmful preservatives- even if they are “meant” to hydrate, these ingredients over-dry the skin and therefore the opposite is being accomplished.

Your Basic Skin Care Tool Box should include:

*Choose according to your skin type and/or conditions. If you are unsure what your skin type read Skin ID for a self assessment.

Cleanser: Choose something mild and gentle for your skin type. NO SOAP! Use twice a day.

Exfoliator: This is a very important step! As we age our skin’s cell turnover process slows down significantly, so… we have to do it ourselves in order to stimulate collagen and elastin, and reveal new skin. You have a couple of options here. You can choose to use a scrub type exfoliant like Mario Badescu Strawberry Face Scrub, 2-3 times a week. Or for a less abrasive and more advanced option, Pick Me Up™ – AHA/BHA Skin Booster Pads by ClarityRx. Super easy to use- wipe the skin and throw away. Doesn’t get any more simple!

Serum: This is the area where most care should be taken, since serums typically have a smaller molecular size and are meant to penetrate deeper into the skin. They are generally packed with correcting ingredients like a peptide, vitamin, or enzyme, for example. A serum may be used in combination with other serums based on the “corrections” you seek or need. Serums are not often considered a part of a “basic” skin care regimen, but in my book, its a MUST.

Moisturizer: Daytime moisturizer vs night cream… Yes, there is definitely a reason why we have both. The two offer very important, yet different benefits. Day creams are generally lighter and formulated with ingredients made to protect the skin from the elements, such as sunblock and free radical antagonists. Night creams are formulated to replenish any moisture lost during the day and treat the skin with active agents at night, since absorption is greater while we sleep. ‘Protect’ during the day, ‘treat’ at night. 😉

Sunblock: SPF 15-30 daily, in your moisturizer or as a separate application.  Makeup is a great way to protect your skin as well! Most powders and foundations on the market today also include sunblock ingredients, for added protection.

*Mask: A mask is not a must but I have included it because it definitely offers some great benefits- After all, it wouldn’t kill you to take some R&R time out once a week just for you! The time it takes you to apply, process, and remove, alone, have some great “pampering and relaxing” benefits. 3 concerns you can treat here: If you’re skin is oily, use a clay mask to absorb oils and impurities; Dry skin would benefit greatly from a moisture-rich mask; Problematic skin can use a clay mask as well, in addition to spot treating with the appropriate mask on days you’re not applying it all over. Just once a week, take the time and add this into your regimen… Good for the skin and good for the soul. Its a win-win. 🙂

In addition, if you can add in a simple facial once a month, it can really do wonders for your skin and its integrity.

At the end of the day, its how we feel about the way our skin looks and feels that truly matters. Follow a skin care regimen that works well for you. If it feels natural and fits well into your current ‘routine’, chances are you’re more likely to stick with it and do it on a regular basis. Aging is inevitable, but it doesn’t have to happen over night, and it can definitely be done with grace. 😉


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