Q: Is it safe to use acne medications to control my acne during pregnancy? What are my options?

A: No. Absolutely not.”Medications” used to control acne are contraindicated during pregnancy. This also holds true if you are trying to conceive. They include Retin-A, Antibiotics (ie Tetracycline), and Accutane. These acne medications are proven to cause birth defects, inhibition of proper bone growth, miscarriage, infant death, and the list goes on.

Dealing with acne at all is a difficult task and dealing with it during pregnancy when hormones are making you feel even more sensitive and emotional can definitely be overwhelming. Although acne medications are contraindicated, there are some over the counter products that may just do the trick, or at least control it, until baby arrives. 🙂

Your Options: Products containing Salicylic Acid (in low concentrations) and Benzoyl Peroxide are effective and safe in the treatment of acne during pregnancy. You can find them in facial washes from a variety of skin care lines. These ingredients are meant to dry-out acne so make sure you follow with a moisturizer to keep you skin hydrated and balanced.

Of course, as always, consult with your Obstetrician or Dermatologist first! Each case and person is different. 😉


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