Wash the Goo after you Boo!

The Holiday of ghosts and goblins is fast approaching!

It wouldn’t be Halloween without face paint and over-the-top makeup! After all, its an essential to any costume and one of the best things to look forward to, besides all the sweet treats. 😉

Once the night is over, make sure you get that goo off of your face, and your little one’s face too!

I cannot stress enough the importance of washing any and all makeup off your face before calling it a night. ESPECIALLY on Halloween night!

Leaving makeup on your face as you sleep, clogs your pores, creates an environment perfect for harboring bacteria, and doesn’t allow your skin to breathe and regenerate. That zit on your forehead won’t show up the next day either. It may be weeks before that bad boy shows up, and you won’t even make the connection! Not to mention the dangers of toxic ingredients, particularly in Halloween face paint.

Yes, I said toxic. Tests show that many of these Halloween face paints on the market contain lead, mercury, and nickle, among other ingredients, capable of causing toxic and allergic reactions, particularly in children.

In addition, leaving paint or makeup that you haven’t necessarily used before, on your skin, (for long periods of time) could cause skin sensitivity and possibly even an allergic response. The same applies to fake eyelashes. Any glue or synthetic material can really do a number and irritate the eyes and tear ducts.

My advice…

Use a gentle eye makeup remover to start. With one eye closed, wipe gently in a downward motion using a cotton pad. Do not use Kleenex or toilet paper. Believe it or not tissue paper, of any kind, can be quite harsh on the skin. If you don’t have a cotton pad, use the tips of your fingers.

Next, use a gel cleanser (NOT SOAP!) to wash your face. A gel based cleanser (that suds up) is a sure fire way to make sure your skin is left without a trace of oil residue from the makeup. Rinse your face with lukewarm water first, then add the cleanser until it suds up. Use small, circular motions, making sure you work your way from the inside of your face outward, and don’t forget to do your hairline and neck. Depending on whether you used regular makeup or face paint, you may want to cleanse twice.

Lastly, pat your face dry, DO NOT RUB, and apply a moisturizer or night cream. This step is essential after accumalating excess dirt and oil and then stripping it away.

Wishing everyone a Safe and Happy Halloween!

Photograph courtesy of Jeanne Ciasullo Photography.


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