Focus with Intent…

That would be my definition of meditation.

It seems like another lifetime ago that I was introduced to the power of a “silent mind”. Did you know that the average person has a thought every 15 seconds, on average?? Believe me… even with years and years of practice, it is NO EASY TASK to silence those thoughts.

I was still learning my craft at the time, when I found myself surrounded by individuals who spoke of meditation, crystals, reiki, spiritual healing, and full moon drum circles. Very perplexing and totally captivating!

I gave it a go… and I loved it! I was raised Catholic so meditation was nothing new necessarily, as its a term used when praying the rosary, for example, but this practice was completely different and new to me.

In the Eastern part of the world, meditation has been practiced as early as 1500BC, according to Hindu written records. In the West, eastern spirituality spread like wild fire in the 1960’s, and quickly spread across the world.

So what is so special about this practice that brings with it so many positive physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits? Well… just that! Did you know that scientists have hypothesised that meditation can actually change the way the brain works, backing up claims that it can alter one’s health and well being? Fascinating stuff.

Here are just a few benefits of Meditation:

Reduces Anxiety and Blood Pressure Breath is a huge part of meditation. Breathing slowly and deeply lowers blood pressure and calms the mind. Anxiety arises from too many random thoughts. By clearing and silencing those thoughts, we reduce tension in our bodies, relax our mind, and reduce anxiety.

Increases Concentration and Strengthens the Mind– Focus is essential for motivation. Its a wonder, at times, how we humans get anything done with so many random thoughts jumping in and out of our mind and consciousness.

Reduces Stress Meditation helps us balance our emotions. More than not, we find ourselves stressed over situations that play on our heart strings. Balanced emotions create a positive and less aggressive response to physiological stimuli.

Increases Serotonin– Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that influences our mood and behavior in a way that can lead to depression and insomnia if those levels are low.

Perhaps many would conclude that the same is true about the power of prayer. Regardless of whether you are speaking (praying) or listening (meditating), do it with Love and do it with Intent.

Until next time… when I share my personal secrets on “how to” silence the mind. 🙂


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