Here’s Looking at You, Kid…

We have all heard the expression, “the eyes are the window to the soul”.

There is no doubt about it! Often times you can tell how a person is feeling just by looking at the expression in their eyes.

The skin around the eyes is among the thinnest and most delicate. Being the focal point of our face, they show our age, our feelings, and our lifestyle.

Did you know that the average human creates at least 10,000 eye movements a day, just by blinking? That doesn’t include other facial expressions like smiling, squinting, and what I like to call, “deep in thought” expressions. That’s a lot of wrinkling action to skin that’s already compromised in other ways!

If you recall my post on Oil and Water DO Mix, I spoke about how oils keep the skin lubricated and smooth. Unfortunately, because the skin around the eyes lacks oil glands, it is dry and therefore lacks that lubricated smooth texture.

Along with lack of lubrication, because the skin is thin, it shows loss of collagen and elastin the quickest. Ten times quicker than the rest of our face, to be exact! Collagen and elastin break down naturally with age, but most of us sure help it along by adding smoke, sun exposure, and other environmental exposures to the equation. This is huge, as collagen is our firm mattress beneath our fitted sheet of skin. As that collagen is diminished the fitted sheet of skin becomes loose and flaccid. NOT a good look.

So to break all of that down, the skin around the eyes lacks lubrication, is super thin, and is affected most by facial expressions and environmental exposure.

What to do!?!

As the aging process is undoubtedly going to take place, here are a few things you can do to keep from adding to the process, and possibly preserving it. Its important to keep in mind that because that skin is so thin it is more susceptible to irritation from harsh ingredients and extra care should be taken when choosing a product.

1. Sunglasses. Wear Sunglasses when you are driving or outdoors. This is not only important to keep your eyes from being exposed to extreme sunlight, but it will also keep you from squinting and creating more expression lines.

2. Eye Cream. We totally underestimate the power of an eye cream! I recommend using one like Easy on the Eyes by ClarityRx which is formulated with Hyaluronic acid, as it helps to reduce fine lines and bind moisture. Always apply from the outside corner of the eye, inward, in a light tapping motion and working your way around in a complete circle, covering just under the eyebrows, but not on the eyelid. No rubbing! Make sure your eye cream is oil-free since accumulation of oil in this area can often times cause milia.

3. Botox. Botox is an advanced treatment used to temporarily stop muscle contraction in areas such as the eyes. No expression, no lines. For more on Botox, check out The Line.

Keeping a straight face is an impossibility, as it should be since expression is part of our personality, but cutting down on environmental exposures and adding products and treatments to help preserve our delicate under eye skin is key.


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