New Mommy Registry, 101…

 So my best friend is pregnant (ITS A GIRL!), and at the time of this post, ABOUT TO POP!

Just 5 days till her little bundle of joy arrives… So excited for her!

She will be a new mom, and a GREAT one mind you, and just like all new moms, she was at a loss on where to begin with her baby registry. Being a new mom myself, I heard and understood her cry for help, loud and clear!

We all know how overwhelming and frustrating it can be when you finally walk into the baby store to do your registry. I dreaded it my whole pregnancy. Matter of fact, I was SO overwhelmed the first time, that after about 10 minutes, I walked out without even starting!

When I was pregnant with Cohen (that’s him at the top of the page:)) it seemed like all my friends either had older kids already or we were all pregnant for the first time, together! Not a clue, to say the least. So when my bff said she was encountering the same problems and fear, I immediately sat down to write her this email.

She said she found it, “more than helpful” so I thought my Chasing Twenty readers might find it useful too. 😉

This is a list of the basic things I thought would serve as a good guide. They are all the products that we used for Cohen, and that we loved.

Pack and Play/Bassinet:

Arm’s Reach Co-sleeper. It acts as a bassinet for the first few months of life and then you can take that part off and its a pack and play. The Co-sleeper option means that you can pull it up to the bed, which is really convenient while you are breast feeding. Its awesome! Collapses for easy storage and comes with a bag to put it in.


BOB.Jogging stroller. Before the baby is big enough to get in it alone (8 weeks old) you can order the attachment to put the car seat in. Its fantastic! I would not recommend anything else. It collapses as well and is great for, not just jogging, but walking, strolling the mall, etc.

Infant Car seat vs Reg/Convertible Car seat:

Peg Perego.You will find a lot of the big car seats as convertible car seats now. I would recommend getting an infant one first, as they are made to be removed from the base in the car, for easier transport of your little one. You can always sell the small one or trade it in for a bigger one later. We had the Peg Perego Infant Car Seat. LOVED IT! Basically anything Peg Perego is great 🙂

Regular/Convertable Car Seat:

Safety 1st Air Protect Complete Convertible Car Seat. Once Cohen was old enough, we traded our our infant car seat in for this big-boy one. We love it so far, and though it was brand new to the market when we got it, we are hearing really great things about it.

Burp Cloths:

Gerber Cloth Diapers. Don’t waste your time or money on “burp cloths”. I found that when Cohen would spit up it would just roll right off the burp cloth and onto the back of my shirt! Get the Cloth Diapers by Gerber. Pack of 12 and you are set.


Munier. It is rated one of the best! Really beautiful and solid. Most, will grow with your child. We have the Park Avenue and love it!

High Chair:

Ikea Antilop. It took us FOREVER to decide on this… luckily they don’t use it until they are about 5-6 months old. We were originally going to get one by Stokke, which is still a fabulous choice. Its all wood, grows with your child, etc. In the end, we went with one from Ikea, believe it or not. We love cooking and spending time outside so this was perfect. The tray comes off so you can pull them up to the table when they are ready and its plastic construction so its SUPER EASY to clean. When we are outside I hose it off… with Cohen still in it … 2 birds with one stone! 😉 He makes a MESS! All babies do, which is why we love it so much. Not to mention, its only $25!!!!!!  An added benefit… the legs come off so you can actually travel with it.


Peg Perego. Most Bouncer/Swings are the same. This one doesn’t have the vibration element and it doesn’t swing on its own, BUT,  it has a hookup for an mp3 player so you can play any music you like through the speakers, which I love! Cohen used this until he was almost 7 months old. He watched tv in it, ate in it, and it has a sun shade so I would sit him outside with me to get some fresh air. Wonderful!

Baby Carrier:

BABYBJÖRN. I cannot say enough great things about this product! It was a lifesaver in so many cases. Super comfortable and durable.

Baby Monitors:

We went with Summer Infant Day & Night Baby Video Monitor. There are so many choices in the video/audio monitor department! We decided on this one even though it wasn’t a new portable, hand held model, for two reasons. One, its a day and night video monitor, which is super important. Two, we didn’t want to be bothered with batteries, and even though the monitor isn’t hand-held, per se, it is small enough to carry and plug in anywhere in the house. It seemed like many of the other monitors had lots of bells and whistles, but at the end of the day, I wanted something reliable and simple.

Boppy Pillow:

Boppy. GET ONE! You will use it ALL THE TIME! Great for breast feeding baby and propping them up with you on the couch or in the bed. And later on, you can use it as an arm rest when you are giving a bottle.


Dr. Brown’s. They have a whole kit you can get from infant to 1 year old. Lots of parts to wash but WAY WORTH IT.


Kiddopotamus & Co. They will teach you in the hospital how to swaddle the baby BUT when you try to do it at home for some reason its just not the same, at least that was my case. Not to mention, Cohen was like a magician and would get out of the swaddle I made, in seconds! This came in handy, to say the least. I recommend getting 1 or 2 of these soft Swaddles with velcro closure.

TONS of Receiving Blankets:

Any are great. Carters are probably my favorite. You will use them for everything! I still put them down in Co’s pack and play, crib, etc. and I use them to throw over him in the car or while he’s in the stroller if its windy out or the sun is hitting his legs.


Pampers vs Huggies: They are pretty much the same price… I’m a fan of Pampers myself. You may want to try both and see what works best for you.

Diaper Cream:

California Baby Diaper Rash Cream or Boudreaux’s Butt Paste. Both of these were a life saver! I even used some on Cohen’s face whenever he would pop up with a hive or irritation on his cheeks from teething.

Diaper Bag:

Petunia PickleBottom. Check out her site, she has tons of patterns and styles to choose from. I got one that you can wear on your shoulder, as a messenger bag, or as a backpack. And the outside is coated so you can wipe it off. Also comes with a case for wipes and a changing pad attached to the inside of the bag. Its a little pricey but SO worth it. The backpack feature is the best! You will need your hands ;).

For more info on the Best and the Not So Great … I recommend getting Baby Bargains by Denise Fields. I found this book really helpful when it came to comparing brands, prices, and reviews.


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