The Best Stinky, Horse Pill EVER…

So… it seems that in the last week every one I hear from or speak to is feeling “under the weather”. No doubt that we’re on the heels of flu season, so I thought I would share my story and secret on how I have stayed cold-free for almost 5 years now.

My story begins in the Fall of 2006. I had just moved to Jacksonville, FL that summer. At the time I maybe had 5 friends, 3 of whom I worked with. It was a day, like any other… started off normal and then it HIT ME! I went from the land of the living to the land of the KILL ME NOW, in a matter of a couple of hours.

Mind you, I am an all natural kind of girl (for the most part), so there was not even a Tylenol bottle hanging around my house. I got on the phone with my mom, only to hear her say, “run out to the store and get yourself something”. Of course, that’s what any normal person would do right? But when I tell you I was near the land of the DEAD, I am not kidding! I wasn’t going anywhere.

I apparently had the flu, and since I had never had one before, I  really had no idea what I was even feeling or why. All I knew was that I could barely move, I was shivering, and my EYE SOCKETS HURT! I could barely open my eyes which, of course, made trips to the bathroom all the more interesting.

Thank God for James! I barely knew this man and I swear he was God sent. He happened to call me just to shoot the breeze and when he heard my voice, well, lets just say the conversation was cut short and I was told to expect a package at my door in the next hour.

In my delirium I recall a knock at the door. There was James with his bag of healing goodies consisting of a bottle of herbal supplements, miso soup, and tea. He briefly explained what to do with each item and quickly left. Who could blame him! Ha!

So while the miso soup and tea sounded divine since I hadn’t eaten anything that day, I went for the bottle. He told me to take 1 every hour for the next few days. Can I just tell you that I went from feeling like I had one foot in the grave to wanting to go out to dinner in less than 24 hours!?!

James warned me that this was THE STUFF. He said he had not been sick in over 10 years… and from that day on, I have had a bottle in every bag, purse, and cabinet in my house!

My secret… Wellness Formula! It is the stinkiest, biggest, green-ish, horse pill, EVER, and it will save your life. Its loaded with TONS of stuff to build your immune system and help fight off illness.

If you are pregnant or nursing you should not take this. Always consult your doctor first.

Ingredients: Calories: 5, Sodium: 15mg, Total Carbohydrate: 1gm, Fiber: 1gm, Vitamin A: 5000mg, Vitamin C: 1290mg, Calcium: 47mg, Zinc: 23mg, Selenium: 25mg, Copper: 300mg, Garlic Clove Powder: 360mg, Propolis Powder: 324mg, Boneset Leaf: 238mg, Polygonatum Odoratum Rhizome: 200mg, Echinacea Root: 196mg, Echinacea Extract: 164mg, Isatis Root & Leaf: 159mg, Horehound Stems: 150mg, Propolis Extract: 126mg, Bioflavonoids: 120mg, Astragalus Root: 90mg, Angelica Root: 87mg, Mullein Leaf: 80mg, Goldenseal Root: 75mg, Eleutherococcus Senticosus Root: 66mg, Hawthorn Berry: 55mg, Oregon Grape Root: 55mg, ELEUTHEROCOCCUS SENTICOSUS ROOT EXTRACT: 54mg, Pau D’Arco Bark Extract: 36mg, Cayenne Fruit: 30mg

Keep in mind that this stuff has Cayenne pepper! So if you start to sweat, its totally normal.

I take it at the first signs of any icky symptom, when I am traveling, or when I know I will be around alot of people or anyone that is sick. If you are stressed, take a cycle, as stress lowers our defenses too.

As a stay-at-home mom I cannot afford to be sick, but who really can, right!?!

You can find it in most vitamin shops.

Best of Luck!


5 thoughts on “The Best Stinky, Horse Pill EVER…

  1. I have to say this has been a God send and I thank you for telling me about it. My girlfriend had a severe cold and I was around her constantly…taking this I believe made all the difference in the world as I did not get sick at all. 🙂

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