When the world gives you lemons…

Add it to your water!

“Can I have a water with lemon please?”

It seems as if this trend was started as a way to spruce up your water order at the restaurant and make your glass look pretty. Or perhaps it was a way of adding just enough flavor to get that H2o down, for those who hate the taste of water, but realize it is a better alternative to soda. But who knew there were actual health benefits to this ultra-simple drink!?

Here are a few health benefits you can expect when you add more of this bright colored fruit to your life.

Promotes Alkalinity in the Blood and Body

You may be thinking, how could this be when lemons are as acidic as it can get! While this is true in their natural state, once they are metabolized (broken down) by the body they become alkaline. So why is this important?

Acid forming foods such as processed foods and soda consume your body’s storage of minerals which are vital in its defenses. By depleting these nutrients it gives way for sickness and disease to invade the body. An alkaline rich environment provides more oxygen to your blood cells which in turn creates an environment where diseases, such as cancer, cannot live. This makes complete sense since our blood is slightly alkaline.  The more acidic your body is, the easier diseases can thrive.


Lemon water is cleansing to the liver and kidneys, which are particularly important, since both of these organs serve as filters for toxins and impurities in our body. Have you ever noticed that most “cleanses” will contain a flush or fast of lemon water?

Aids in Digestion

In digestion, it decreases mucus and phlegm, eases heartburn and bloating, aids elimination , and acts as a diuretic and flushes the Urinary System.

Brightens the Skin

Lemons act as an astringent and natural antiseptic on the skin, and since it has loads of Vitamin C, it exfoliates the skin and serves as an antioxidant. In addition, it can help lighten and brighten the skin by reducing redness in blemishes. Keep in mind that while lemons can be that yummy goodness you’ve been searching for in a natural ingredient for your skin, they should not be applied directly to the skin, but rather, diluted in water or honey, for example. I will be expanding on natural remedies and the do’s and don’ts on the application of raw ingredients on the skin in the weeks to come.

You can always keep things interesting by adding lime from time to time, or using them instead of lemons… you’ll get the same great benefits!

Keep in mind that you should consume your lemon or lime water at home and not so much in your favorite restaurant, as you may not know how the lemons are handled. Contamination can be a big problem and way more than you bargained for.


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