Travelers skin…

There is no doubt about it!

Traveling can be extremely taxing on the skin, and regardless of how you’re getting to your destination, stress comes along for the ride, every time.

Air travel, in particular, can leave your skin looking and feeling dull and dry. Let’s face it, combine recycled air in a small space shared by hundreds, along with stress, its no wonder your skin feels like it hasn’t seen a drop of oil in days!

Dehydration is the major contributor. A few things to consider… One thing is for sure, none of us ever consume enough water while traveling, and if you’re anything like me (a nervous Nellie when it comes to flying), you’re more intrigued by a stiff drink to calm the nerves than some H2O. Not a great idea when your environment is already doing a good job of setting the stage for dehydrated skin.

First thing’s first, maintain the moisture! The evening prior to travel, exfoliate to slough off dead skin cells and allow better product penetration, followed by an  intense moisturizer.  I recommend “Feel Better” by ClarityRx which has a Hyaluronic Acid base. This will increase hydration in your skin. For information on Hyaluronic Acid and its effects on the skin, see my blog post on The Fountain of Youth. Ladies, when applying your foundation the day of travel, use a silicone based primer underneath your foundation. This will allow for the moisture to be locked in the skin and not evaporate from the dry air.

Refresh your skin (makeup) during your travels by using a mineral spray like “Take Your Vitamins” by ClarityRx. This will help replenish any moisture that is lost.

Most importantly, drink WATER and reduce diuretics. Drinks like coffee and alcohol will increase dehydration so even if you’re drinking some water, chances are you are still losing more than you are taking in.


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