Garbage in, Garbage out…

Seriously, one of my favorite sayings! I borrowed it from a Naturopathic Doctor and friend of mine back in South Florida, many years ago. It never gets old. I think I love it so much because you really can apply it to anything in life… what you put in, you get out. 

Today I’m applying it to the skin. Does food have a direct effect on the skin? This is probably the most talked about and controversial subject in the Skin Care Industry. Industry professionals vs Physicians vs Nutritionists vs public opinion.

While we have a ton of opinions to go by and a plethora of articles and books to choose from, I like to keep things simple and focus on the facts.

The basics: The skin is an organ; The largest organ to be exact. Just as the organs in the body need balance to function properly, the skin is no exception. In fact, more than any other organ, the skin needs to be healthy and free of disease in order to accomplish its main job… protection. It is the body’s first line of defense against harmful pathogens.

On the inside, our organs work together like a perfect, balanced, machine. When that balance is tampered with we get sick, and we know it because aside from not feeling good, our bodies start to purge in order to get rid of whatever is ailing it. As a result, we end up with a runny nose, fever, vomiting, diarrhea, etc.

It’s obvious that food affects our insides. Proper nutrition is essential even for our basic, daily functions… like being able to go number 2! Most people don’t even think anything of it if they haven’t gone to the bathroom in a few days, or even a week! Now THAT is scary! When we eat, our bodies utilize the nutrients found in our food and gets rid of the rest. Eliminating waste is one of the key components in maintaining health and balance. If your body is toxic it can definitely show up on your skin.

Let’s not forget about allergies! There are common food allergies that definitely affect our skin and you may not even realize you have them. Just because you don’t break out in a rash, doesn’t mean it agrees with your body. Some of the most common ones include, dairy, nuts, and wheat (gluten).

Of course, genetics plays a huge role on whether or not you suffer from acne or eczema, for example. Little can be done about our genetics but we can definitely pay more attention to our bodies and make conscious choices about what we put into our bodies. After all, we only have one to work with.

So what are the right choices? Stay tuned! 😉

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