Whatcha got in the bag toots!?!

Bacteria… You want some?

Bacteria is everywhere, but not all bacteria is created equal, and some of the dangerous ones are harbouring in some of our favorite things… Our makeup!

Old makeup is by far the WORST culprit. If you haven’t used it in the last 6-12 months or forgot you even had it… throw it out! Cosmetics typically don’t have an expiration date on them so that’s not a reliable guide. As the makeup ages the preservatives may not be working as well as they did when you first opened it, thus, the ingredients become unstable and bacteria grows.

Often times we use makeup to cover up blemishes, but what we don’t realize is that it’s that same makeup that can be causing the problem, and now, we’re just adding to it. Makeup sponges are THE WORST! Use it once, and throw it away. Sponges are porous so the bacteria gets trapped and multiplies. Instead, use a foundation brush to apply your foundation and make sure to wash it at least once a week. This goes for all other brushes as well.

As for the cosmetic counter, while fun and exciting in search of a new lip gloss or eyeliner, it’s just as bad, if not worse! While your makeup case only has your germs, that lip gloss and eyeliner you’re trying on were just tested by who knows how many other people!?! I have noticed that more and more makeup lines have taken off the spongy part of the lip gloss so that you have to use a disposable q-tip to try it on, very thoughtful idea… but I don’t trust that the lady before me didn’t DOUBLE-DIP! And you shouldn’t either!

So how bad can it be? It can be as harmless as a pimple, but it can be as serious as a skin fungus, pink-eye, e-coli, and even a cold sore… which if you didn’t know, is a form of Herpes. NOT sexy.

PLEASE don’t share your makeup! We may not have thought anything of it when we shared our chapstick and juice box in elementary school, but let’s keep our lip gloss to ourselves, shall we.

I know how expensive makeup can be, and it’s definitely an investment for most of us, but while it may sting a little to throw some of it away and maintain new and fresh cosmetics at all times, it sure beats the alternative…


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