Yoga and such…

I’ve been doing yoga, on and off now, for years. Along my journey I have found that aside from applying asana (poses) to get in a good workout and relieve stress, the style of yoga you choose to do, is more about your character and purpose, than just merely getting in shape.

After trying many, I recently wanted to learn more about the grandfather of all yogas, the first yoga, Kundalini Yoga. After reading a little and seeking some input from an old classmate of mine, who is extremely knowledgable in this technology, I was fascinated. It was everything I was seeking, and more! Kundalini Yoga offers asana, but more than that, it offers you a discipline in Meditation along with the physical asana practice. Asana (poses) are meant to prepare the body for meditation, that is their purpose. As a Reiki Practitioner for nearly 10 years, this really brought it all together for me.

Physical  exercise, breathe, balancing the glands, strengthening the nervous system, and harnessing the energy of the mind and emotions, what more could a girl ask for!?


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