What’s in a claim?

The shelves are full of them… Hypoallergenic, Dermatologist Recommended, and Oil-Free, just to name a few.

Here’s what we think we know… Hypoallergenic: non-allergy producing; Dermatologist Recommended: A Dermatologist actually recommends this product; Oil-Free: simply put… free from oil.

The Truth… Hypoallergenic actually implies that the product making this claim is less likely to cause allergic reactions than competing products, but there is no science or proof that this is actually the case. In order to publish this claim all they have to do is remove those allergens that are “known” to cause reactions. Dermatologist Recommended merely means that a Dermatologist recommended it. There is no guideline that mandates whether the Dermatologist who recommends the product is paid, if it’s just one, or even how that product was tested. The Oil-Free claim basically means that its free of vegetable and mineral oils, but not necessarily free from all oils.

Understanding ingredients is really the best way to determine what exactly is in the product you’re purchasing and whether or not it’s the right product for your skin. You cannot merely rely on product claims.


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