Skin ID…

We’ve all been confronted by the labels… but what does it all mean and which one is right for me? Oily skin, Dry skin, Combination skin…  etc, etc, etc.

Here are the basics. Pore size determines which “skin type” you are. The smaller the pore, the drier the skin. The larger the pore, the oilier the skin. Normal skin falls somewhere in the middle. If your skin tends to get pink or irritated easily, or it gets flushed (blushed) often, you fall into the Sensitive Skin category which throws all the above out the window.

While Sensitive Skin is most characterized as a skin “condition”, that’s only true if you suffer from short-term sensitivity due to product irritation, allergies, or contact dermatitis, for example. And trust me, if you have long-term (year round) skin sensitivities, you know it!

Identifying what type of skin you have is the first step in establishing a skin care regimen for lifelong, beautiful skin.



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